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It's ok to be different.

Bisexual World
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Welcome to Bisexual World.

This is a community for those females and males around the world who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, curious, transgender and those who are supportive. This community is not targeted at any certain age group or gender. Everyone is welcome.


1. Be nice and respectful to the other members. This community is focused toward mature conversation. No bashing of any kind is allowed will be tolerated.

2. No cross-posting or off-topic posts. It's upsetting to some people when they come here for advice, or for any other reason, and their posts are bumped away because people want to advertise their communities or make off-topic posts. I will delete any entries that do not belong here. There is a place for advertising communities on LiveJournal, </a></b></a>community_promo.

3. When posting pictures or surveys please use the lj-cut. It's annoying when a journal takes several minutes to load because someone decided to post an insane number of pictures of themselves. If you're not sure what to do, click here.

4. Have fun!

Founder: airspiritx, based on bisexual_world
Moderators: airspiritx

Bisexuality is Real.
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