cerydwen_ink (cerydwen_ink) wrote in bisexualworld,

Bisected Mind

Just thought I'd share and for those of you who are still uncomfortable in your sexuality, you're not alone. :)

My body holds mystery
a shadow and doubt
Have I failed as a human if I can't understand
why a cute pout
sends me spinning
why it sends me wishing
to touch soft skin, soft breasts
when I have a pair of my own

Do I have some sin to atone
for when I can fall into the arms
of woman
or man
and be complete?

Do I have a curse between my legs, between my breasts
a heart that beats out of my control
and a cloud that tells me
you're different

No rest, no peace for my reeling mind
seeking resolve
seeking identity
looking, clinging to others like me
if and when the love of my life falls into my lap
will I be banned from home
denied heaven
if that person is called

My soul knows my heart is good
but my body betrays
and I find myself falling
and so grasp those who help me feel
somewhat human...

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  • 1 comment
omg this poem was amazing
it really made me think its like what most people are thinking and you just turned it into words.
you have a real gift for writing.
keep it up i'd love to read more x