VolCAno DusT (volcanodust) wrote in bisexualworld,
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Coming out of the closet....? ? .... or not..... ?? Hmmmmm

It's kinda scary to think about telling some of my friends that I'm bi because
a)I wonder how it will impact the way they think of me as a whole
b)I'm afraid they'll think that I have been/will be/could be attracted to them
c)They may feel as though I've been lying to them this whole time
or d)Maybe they'll be hurt that I hadn't told them up until now.

Kinda whacky isn't it. I mean, you have this identity... right? ...and then you're just gonna go switch it up on people? For what purpose.... so I have peace of mind? I think to myself "I could still have peace of mind and accept myself without telling my close friends." but then, you see, I am not able to really "be myself" with them because there is this major part of me that I'm shadowing out... and if I really accept myself than why am I shadowing it out? ????

So many questions pertaining to this. And I'm still sober. Praise God for that!!!
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