Study for LGB Latina/o Individuals

Hello! My name is Brandon Velez, and I am a graduate student in the University of Florida’s Psychology Department.  I am conducting a study that I hope will contribute to understanding the experiences and well-being of Latina/o lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals. Participation will involve completing a survey online and will take approximately 30 minutes. Because your participation is very important to this goal, I hope that you will set aside time to complete this study. 

In order to participate you must:

·         be 18 years of age or older

·         reside in the United States

·         identify as Latina/o or Hispanic

·         identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or some other sexual minority status (e.g., queer, questioning)

If you would like to participate and you identify as a woman, please follow this link:


If you would like to participate and you identify as a man, please follow this link:


Thank you VERY much in advance for your time and effort!  Please feel free to pass on this link to other people who might be eligible.  


If you have any question about this study, please feel free to contact me at This research has been approved by the University of Florida’s Institutional Review Board (UFIRB#2010-U-0579).


Brandon Velez, B.S.

Bisected Mind

Just thought I'd share and for those of you who are still uncomfortable in your sexuality, you're not alone. :)

My body holds mystery
a shadow and doubt
Have I failed as a human if I can't understand
why a cute pout
sends me spinning
why it sends me wishing
to touch soft skin, soft breasts
when I have a pair of my own

Do I have some sin to atone
for when I can fall into the arms
of woman
or man
and be complete?

Do I have a curse between my legs, between my breasts
a heart that beats out of my control
and a cloud that tells me
you're different

No rest, no peace for my reeling mind
seeking resolve
seeking identity
looking, clinging to others like me
if and when the love of my life falls into my lap
will I be banned from home
denied heaven
if that person is called

My soul knows my heart is good
but my body betrays
and I find myself falling
and so grasp those who help me feel
somewhat human...

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I'm 17 and new to this community but not new to bisexuality. I've encountered much resistance and prejudice because of it despite the fact that I live in southern Cali. Email if you ever want to talk i've come to find some very good solutions to these problems :)
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hi, im  new to this community.  im 22, female.   

i dont know if this is the right one for me.  if you have any  suggestions, please tell me if you know a better community.  i am confused about my orientation.  for the longest time, i was sure i was straight.  but, now i always think about other girls.  i check them out.  look at their bodies, and think about what it would like to kiss them.  i seriously dont know if i am bi or a lesbian.  any1 went thru something similar???

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I don't know what to do anymore. I feel like killing myself tonight. I sometimes feel like that would be best. I'm done. I ask myself what would happen if I went to the kitchen and got a knife and took it to the bathroom and ran a hot bath and felt it slice through my wrist. and the hot sticky flow to my appendage. just a thought. it feels like there's no hope. i hate this. I feel like giving up.


im bicrurios so look

o god another day of misery and sorrow awaits me as i ask why i have all of these disorders that made me loose feeling for the guy whom wouldnt ever hurt me or my body.i ask why.
his feeling about me faded away.
i didnt realize and opened my eyes.
but krama has gotten me again.
and im feeling heart broken and wrothless also hopeless.
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face lies shattered by the door

Friday, August 5th, 2005

8:22 am
Prozzak Lyrics

Be As Lyrics

Julie wants to get out of town
She needs to settle down
Move to a place where no one knows her
Lisa just had to get away
Nothing could make her stay
Tired of living under cover

Everybody knows somebody trying to get free

Be as white as you want to
Be as black as you want to
Be as brown as you want to
Don't let anybody stop you

Be as straight as you want to
Be as gay as you want to
You can wait if you want to
We all need something to hold on to

And if there is a way that you and I could both be free
Have a little understanding and we will be

Daniel moved to another school
Alliances can be cruel
When you're alone without nobody

Michael begged Jen to take a stand
And fight for the love they had
But she'd rather deal with being lonely

Everybody's got somebody telling them what to be


And if there is a way that you and I could both be free
Have a little understanding and we will be

Na na na na na na...
And if there is a way that you and I could both be free
Have a little understanding and we will be


Be as shy as you want to
Be as loud as you want to
Be as small as you want to
Don't let anybody stop you

Be as thin as you want to
Be as fat as you want to
Be as short as you want to
We all need someone to hold on to

Cat saw me listening to this one day, and I was dancing(I hardly ever dance). So she drew me, I was wearing a corset, a short skirt, and fishnet stockings. And I think my runners. 'Twas cool. Anyways, that is my story behind this song.
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